In early August of '95 while returning from a Music Factory business meeting in London, Martin Smith (who now was editor of Music Factory's dance magazine Mixology) and Amadeus Mozart were talking on the train about John's suggestion of a new dance label.

It was a hot sticky day and Amadeus was slurping away on a can of orange Tango, then the Keep Britain Tidy logo jumped out at him like a smack in the face Ultimately Amadeus had wanted the label to have a strong identity a big fan of Hooj Choons strong iconic stick man image he knew that something simple and striking would work as a label logo. Tidy Tunes was suggested instantly but didn't have that special ring to it, while Amo was thinking about the name Martin was re-drawing the logo on a piece of scrap paper, turning the bin upside down and placing a turntable on the top the logo was formed. After 3 more stops on the train line from London to Kettering the name Tidy Trax had been born.

Martin was excited about the fact not only was the logo so good it would be a creative marketing dream everyone will look at the Keep Britain logo and think of our new label the word tidy is a cool word something that is tidy is always a positive phrase it looked and sounded like a good plan.

Andy Pickles and Amadeus Mozart set up Tidy Trax in 1995 as an outlet for their own productions, unaware that over the course of the next few years they would create one of the biggest Hard House labels in the world.

As the success of the label grew there became an increasing demand for a representation of Tidy Trax to tour the clubs. Andy and Amo had been DJing for over ten years independently, and a natural progression for them was to take their enthusiasm out on to the hard house stages of the world - therefore the Tidy Boys were born.

The Tidy Boys style now emphasizes the full range of the new regenerated Hard House sound, a concoction of Hard Funk, bouncy grooves and uplifting Hard Trance. Working as a DJ team they throw everything they've got into a fully animated performance, which brings their set into what can only be described as one big Hard House party.

Tidy was becoming a world dominating force, and then in 2005 they were given the chance to put their name towards a collaboration of brands, to bring Tidy vs. Advanced to the number one clubbing location in the world.Ibiza, setting up a residency in Es Paradis. This now meant that every week the Tidy sound could be heard to thousands of holiday makers, spreading the word that Tidy was here to stay!

Cementing this fact further was when the idea was brought forward, that one night of Tidy just wasn't enough people wanted more, and ever eager to please, Tidy started their very own weekenders, bringing all that is hard house to the masses twice yearly, were the Tidy faithful can celebrate their love of all that is Hard House with the Tidy Family for three days of non stop music, entertainment and debauchery, something never done before by one single brand, showing the loyalty and dedication of the Tidy fans.

2014 see's the official re-launch of Tidy, the story continues.....


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