The Edison Factor has been around as a production team since April 2000 when they released their first track "Nervous Breakdown". They originally came up with band name as they weren't sure how the press and clubbers would respond to the track (i.e. if people didn't like it we could have changed our name and started again), but as it happened "Nervous Breakdown" turned out to be a bit of a hit in the clubs largely due to the likes of Andy Farley championing it and putting on one his high profile mix compilations, so we kept it and everything grew from there.

The LIVE show started because we both used to play various instruments in bands before our clubbing days, and we have both been playing our respective instruments from a young age. It seemed to make sense to start utilising these skills and including them into a live show. Nobody else was playing guitar, drums, trombone and keyboards in their live shows at the time, so we figured it would set us apart from the rest. However, above all, its because we love it. There's nothing quite like playing an instrument in front of a crowd of people. It's a real buzz.

Before they started the Edison Factor they were both DJing. James was starting to make headway as a name within the hard house/dance scene and Matt was carving his niche as a part of the house based Ignition crew.

Their roles within the group varied from track to track. Both play keyboards and operate the electronic side of the show (the laptops/sequencing software) as well as each other so both do this. When it comes to the other instruments Matt plays the Drums and Trombone and James the guitar.

The Edison Factor LIVE got its first airing in London at Twisted which seemed to hit the spot. Since then they played at massive events such as Godskitchen's Global Gathering, and the 25,000 capacity Hi Fi festival; and of course Tidy vs Extreme.

With the dawn of a new era sees two already established producers that have been relentless and consistent with not only their productions but influence within the scene, Toryn D & JFrantik (Cause & Effect) have been appointed the new face of Edison due to their unrivalled roof-raising sounds who have been championed by artists such as Nick Sentience, Lisa Lashes, BK, Anne Savage, Scott Atrill, James Lawson, Matt Williams, Phil Reynolds & Nick Rowland to name a few. These two have been carefully selected by Matt & James to continue the Edison Factor legend on, a legend that will remain strong for many years to come!



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