Terms and Conditions (Ticket Sales)

It is always our intention to offer the best value and most reliable method of supplying electronic advanced tickets for admission to club nights and dance events. Our objective is to be the most clubber orientated and promoter friendly electronic ticketing platform. In order to protect our customers, promoters and ourselves, electronic tickets are supplied through the moreonthedoor.com website based on your mandatory acceptance of our standard Terms & Conditions. By proceeding through the check-out process you will be asked to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions as set out below, and you do so on behalf of those included in your e-ticket. You also accept that we do not permit any variations, amendments or changes to our Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

1. moreonthedoor.com is a trading name of MOTD Tickets Limited, registered in England & Wales as a private limited company, Registered Office:

Cliffe Hill House
22-26 Nottingham Road
United Kingdom

Company Registration Number: 09344006

2. We only issue electronic tickets (abbreviated to "e-tickets") via email which must be presented to the venue to gain admission.

3. The term "e-ticket holder" refers to an individual or group connected with a transaction that has been made through moreonthedoor.com for the purpose of gaining access to an event or service, regardless of whether or not they were present at the time of the transaction.

4. Information provided by moreonthedoor.com through the website or correspondence is done so in good faith but without liability.

5. Although moreonthedoor.com provide the e-commerce platform to issue e-tickets, the contract for providing the event as advertised is with the appropriate event organiser, promoter or venue management, and who are also responsible for resolving any event and/or venue related issues with you.

6. e-tickets supplied through moreonthedoor.com cannot be exchanged or refunded after they have been purchased.

7. e-tickets purchased through moreonthedoor.com must not be re-sold for profit or other gain.

8. In addition to the "e-ticket", it is a condition of entry that the principal booker must bring a form of identification with them; EG a credit card, debit card, photographic driving license. Admission will otherwise be refused and no refund given.

9. e-tickets are issued subject to the Rules and Regulations of the venue, event organiser/ promoter and any other entity involved in supplying the appropriate event; this includes adhering to dress code requirements and the right of venue staff to conduct security searches of attendees and their belongings.

10. moreonthedoor.com is not liable for consequential costs arising from events that have been cancelled or rescheduled.

11. moreonthedoor.com is not liable for consequential costs arising from cancellation of e-tickets which it reasonably suspects to have been purchased fraudulently, including (but not limited to) e-tickets purchased for re-sale.

12. e-tickets are sold subject to the event promoter or manager's right to reasonably alter or vary the programme, venue or facilities due to events or circumstances beyond reasonable control. This includes (but is not limited to) changes (notified or otherwise) to the DJ line-up.

13. The Promoter, venue Management, or moreonthedoor.com does not accept responsibility for any personal property.

14. The e-ticket holder must comply with all relevant laws, safety announcements and venue regulations whilst attending the event.

15. Where transportation to an event has been provided as part of an inclusive package purchased through moreonthedoor.com the e-ticket holder warrants that;

15a. they will conduct themselves onboard what ever vehicle used for transportation in a manner conducive to the safety and comfort of themselves, their fellow passengers and crew. Failure to do so will result in denied boarding / ejection from the vehicle, vessel or craft at the first safe opportunity of the journey, and no refund (in whole or part) will be given.

15b. in the event of a service failure (including, but not limited to, mechanical breakdown, industrial action, congestion, weather disruption, terrorist activity or events considered as Force Majeure), moreonthedoor.com's liability is limited to the cost of the e-ticket, and that the e-ticket holder is liable for their own travel insurance cover. moreonthedoor.com is not liable for consequential loss in such circumstances.

15c. they are responsible and liable for ensuring that they have the correct documentation for travel, including border control documentation where the journey involves transit through or to another country

15d. they are additionally bound by the Terms and Conditions of the transport operator which are available upon request

16. Behaviour deemed unacceptable (including abusive or threatening behaviour based on race, colour, disability, sex or sexual orientation), shall entitle the venue staff, event organiser or promoter to refuse admission/eject perpetrators from the venue/event.

17. All e-tickets must be paid in full at the time of purchase. If paying by PayPal's eCheque service you must allow ten clear working days between purchase and the event. Funds that are subsequently uncleared (for what ever reason) will become immediately due to moreonthedoor.com plus an administration charge of £25.00. Where legal action is necessary to recover dishonoured or cancelled payments, we will seek to recover our associated costs from the principal booker

18. Unless otherwise specified, you must be at least 18 years of age or older to gain admission to any of the events advertised on moreonthedoor.com. If you're lucky enough to appear under the age of 18 years old you will be asked to prove your age by venue security.

19. With the exception of circumstances as detailed in points 2 and 8 above, in the highly unlikely event payment and/or principal booker identity cannot be reasonably verified at the point of admission, the promoter / event organiser or moreonthedoor.com representative will deny access. Subject to availability, admission may be possible on payment of the full event ticket price for you and each person included on your e-ticket. You must notify, by email, moreonthedoor.com within two working days of admission denial. You will be given instructions on how to submit supporting ORIGINAL documents (including a receipt from the promoter confirming the price you have paid to them or their agent to subsequently gain admission). Original documentation will also include a bank statement, credit card statement on transaction ID from PayPal which clearly shows that payment to moreonthedoor.com has been made for the event in question. Where you have been refused admission with your moreonthedoor.com e-ticket and have subsequently been able to verify payment, moreonthedoor.com will refund the cost of the higher ticket price you paid to gain admission (or the cost of the e-ticket in the event of non-admission). Additionally, moreonthedoor.com will (at our expense) offer a free VIP ticket to any event on sale through the moreonthedoor.com website for each person who has been refused admission in such circumstances.

20. If an event is cancelled the face value of the ticket(s) will be refunded to you within 5 working days. The booking fee(s) on each ticket are non-refundable.

21. These terms and conditions are governed by law in England & Wales.

MOTD Tickets Limited