This pint sized kiwi, nicknamed the King Of Euphoric Hard Dance, and head honcho of The Masif Organisation, has performed over 1500 shows in more than 50 cities worldwide, having visited more than 15 countries along the way.

Since 1997, Hill has played to a combined total of 1,000,000 people, travelled over 600,000km, flown on over 300 planes, and spent over 365 days staying in hotels!

Production wise, Steve Hill is one of the biggest in Hard Dance. His 300+ productions have appeared on over 500,000 singles, 2,000,000 compilation units, and entered the UK Top 75 Single Chart over 9 times. He has remixed 5 UK Top 40 Singles, appeared on over 12 record labels, recorded under more than 10 aliases (Mr. Bishi, Kumara, Neon Lights, Masif DJ's to name a few), and collaborated with over 15 of the scenes' premier league artists including Technikal, Dark By Design, Rob Tissera, K-Series, MDA & Spherical, Luca Antolini, Cally & Juice, Vandall, Guyver, Paul Maddox.

2010 was one of the busiest years for Steve Hill. Having celebrated over 10 years in the Hard Dance scene, he played over 100 gigs, in 12 countries, travelled over 150,000km and performed to over 125,000 people! He spent over 12,000 minutes performing and spun over 2,500 records. Nearly 30 Steve Hill productions were released in 2010 which appeared on over 10 labels, 75,000 singles, 500,000 compilation units and downloaded thousands of times. He spent over 800 hours working in the studio.

2010 was the year Hill releases one of the biggest artist albums in Dance Music history, "HTML". "Hard Trance is My Life" featured 111 Steve Hill productions on 5CD's which is no mean feat considering each track will have been released commercially as a single!

In 2011, Steve Hill will also mix 4 compilations Worldwide an achievement he has matched for the past few years!



Forthcoming Events...

Frantic 25th Birthday

30/07/22 Venue: Ministry Of Sound