Rockin' Russ started DJing in 1992 and knew he had found something special from laying his fingers on the turntables. He managed to play at various bars and after parties in his hometown (Stoke-On-Trent) after being spotted for his showmanship and skill.

Russ had fell in love with the Tony De Vit eara who became a massive influence on his music. From this Russ knew the love for the scene and the music would be a massive part of his life and that he was destined for bigger things!

Then Due to 'Golden' closing down which was the main place to rave. Russ saw a need to keep the music alive and have somewhere to play his music out and keep the clubbers of Stoke-On-Trent happy! From that Russ was then the founder of BPM (British Pounding Music) and managed to book the biggest headliners the city had ever seen! From the Legend that is Mark EG, to the King of Hard House Paul Glazby, Lisa Lashes, Tommy Pulse, Amber D and many more!

This set Russ a huge set above the rest, managing to create a brilliant brand that people loved and followed in Stoke.

Whilst DJing, now promoting, this still wasn't enough for Russ! On top of this he felt he needed to be move involved with the music so decided to take up production. Quickly Russ managed to secure studio time with Defective Audio, Ingo, Alex Calver, Ben Kaye and Kam Pain. Russ also picked this up quickly and became certain to do BIG things with his skills.
Due to unforeseen circumstances BPM came to an end for Russ but with his productions taking off and getting Hard House releases with Deprivation Records, Tool Box Records Spin it Hard Records and Vinyl releases on BPM Records.

Russ has then gone on the have his music on compilations such as Firebox Volume 1, The Sound of Nu Skool Recordings which has been a huge accomplishment for him.

He has also played so huge events at the likes of Sundissential, Storm, Shine, X-static, Escape, BPM, Binary, Vibelaite, North Radical Technology, and Overseas in Poland at a techno festival for El Nino and Many more…
After a few years Russ was really tired of the way the scene had gone downhill in the City again and knew it was time for his promoting skills to come back into action! From this thought 'Rocked' was born and now doing absolutely brilliantly. Having Headliners again such as, Alex Kidd, Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Amber D, Mark EG, DJ Producer, M-Zone, Andy Farley, Kutski With many productions now made, and the 'Rocked Studio' Created he is now creating new music weekly. Russ also put together 'Rocked Digital' music label signing tracks from brilliant new producers as well as putting out his own new sounds! He has had plays on Radio One - Six Days On The Run and also Neurodancer.

Russ now plays anything from House to Melodic Chunky Hard House with a twist of trance when he is out DJing and is just loving his achievements from over the years! But Russ is determined not to stop here! His Objective for the future is BIG!! To Take Rocked UK Global and leave a legacy of Himself.. Rockin' Russ Behind!!!



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