PSR has been in scene now for over 9 years now and started to see some of the hard work that he has put into the scene pay off, with the success of his two new brands showcasing some of the freshest up and coming talent with a few house hold names thrown in for good measure, so make sure you look out for Illusionz & SOB nights coming to a town near you.

PSR is know for playing a fair few styles but mainly know for his bounce sets , with PSR being made we love bounce resident at the end of 2010
PSR was also given a opportunity by Gordy who run G-Force artist management, which has opened more doors for him.

With music taste changing all the time PSR new direction in 2011 will see him playing house / electro under his alias MR P.

PSR has a fair few collabs under his belt with producers such as Tom berry, Scott Genetik , Paul F and Kye Shand , John Ridout, with plans of more collabs with some big names watch this space , also learning how to make a track aint easy but picking it up nicely make sure you check out his soundcloud for updates on production. PSR has played at some big nights up and down the uk nights such as Frantic, Tasty ,We love Bounce , B.O.U.N.C.E, HDS, Concept , Glow ball and many more

2011 sees PSR on some different line up such as Desire, Moondance , Essence , to mention under his alias MR P.


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