Paul has been mixing for over 15 years now whether it be in his bedroom at small parties or big club events across the country. He has an amazing passion and diversity with his musical tastes it could be anything from hardhouse to funky techno to drum and bass.

His passion for underground music began from a very young age of 12 years old when he would stick on old pirate radio stations and listen to hardcore annoying his parents no end. Over the years he got into Altern 8, Toxic two, Sonz of the loop da loop era and one of his biggest influences The Prodigy!

Then, once he got his first set of decks in 1993 there was no stopping him, mixing constantly to begin with just as a hobby. It wasn't until 1999 when Paul was in a small record shop in Bexleyheath and unexpectly listened to a track by the legendary 0D404 — 'Ram Raid', that tantalised his ears and found him a new love, Hard House! Then as Pauls confidence grew one of his mates started off a small local event called Swog which concentrated on house, trance and hardhouse. He then kept plugging away over the years until he got booked for Wired at George the 4th where he got numerous sets. His big breakthrough came when he was booked for a set at Fuel at Fire alongside Chris Comben, Steve Maynard and James Nardi.

Thereafter he was booked for Wildchild in Ibiza where he played at Es Paradis which was an amazing achievement for him. This is kind of where things really started to heat up for him. Upon his return he was booked to play his debut set at Twist, a warm set for the Tasty afterparty. He took this opportunity to showcase his talent and decided to play a Funky Techno set which he knew would be a new sound to the Twist crowd - this in itself was a big gamble but it paid off well for him! The crowd warmed to the new sound instantly and the room was rocking from start to finish.

This seemed to not only impress the crowd but the right people at Twist as he was booked to play there again shortly after for a few more sets. This then lead to him being offered a residency at Twist which he gladly accepted! He was then made a permanent fixture on Twist's weekly line ups with his ability growing from strength to strength. As time went on he was offered to play at various other Twist events such as SNAT, Twistathon and Blast - these then lead to interest from other promotions where he then played. These include Ignition, Warning, Frantic, Wildchild, Concept, Wrecreation, Parallel, Puzzle Project and many more.

The biggest event in 2006 after his Twist residency came by means of him being voted HarderFaster's Up and Coming DJ of The Year. This was closely followed by him being offered his next residency at Warning.

As time went on he started to try his hand at production with his studio buddy Brow. They broke onto the scene with a new unique sound in the form of "Notice me", "Stay on the Scene" and "Sloppy Jaloppy" which rocketed to fame and was voted HarderFaster's Tune of the Year in 2007. Sloppy was then also used by Justin Bourne on the Tidy Weekender 12 Album on his mix with Nik Denton which put them firmly on the production map.

The best moment of his career was undoubtedly playing back 2 back with Justin Bourne (Paul's favourite DJ) at his farewell party at Twist - Hard House History at the Colloseum.

Since then he and Brow have been churning good quality unique sounding productions which have been blowing away dancefloors up and down the country. These include, "Deep Swarm remix", "Cake Mix", "Slapstick", "Ghetto Funk", "Gut Rot", "Zama" and their newest monster track "Maniac" - which Paul's brother Neil gave the inspiration for. Earlier this year Cake Mix was signed to Karim's Label - Do Not Bend Records which was a massive achievement for them both.

With plenty of sets in the diary and production firmly in the swing of things his latest feat was to crack the scene outside of London, and has been named Hellbound's newest resident in Birmingham.

His longstanding residency at Twist is where his heart lies and still holds plenty of surprises in store for this year, so watch this space!!!



Forthcoming Events...

Twist - After Dark

14/08/21 Venue: East Bloc