If there is one artist that has proved his worth in such quick succession in the harder scene it is Nomad. This Australianwunderkind has excelled in producing high quality, world renowned hard trance and amasses a DJ career playing some of the biggest events of this genre around the globe!

With an unmistakable production quality there is very little wonder why so many DJs are spinning his sound! After receiving 7 nominations from the biggest acts in the hard dance world for the best newcomer at the 'Hard Dance Awards', 2010 was a very successful year for Nomad, heralding two residencies for Sublime and Masif.

After his début in Canberra at Babylon in 2003, Nomad's DJ career has rocketed and it wasn't long before Nomad's DJing and determination led to sets at Utopia, Powerhouse, Transmission, PHD and 3D. This furthered when he put put on a few Lighter Massive parties and brought names such as Mark EG, Thera, Wragg + Log:One, Louk and others to Australia, whilst also being asked to play Q-Dance's legendary Defqon 1 event, and also for the successful 'Atmosphere' night in England.

Nomad's remix for the 'Let The Beat Drop' release by Hardforze + Soul-T caused his popularity to soar as many of Europe's darker hard dance DJs span this production and releases have seen him release on Excessive, Compulzion, and teaming up with 'Log:One' under the 'No:One' guise for Atmosphere, which he is one of the in house producers and remixers for. Furthering his career, his appearence on the International Hard Dance Sessions album, and remix works for Tidy, Masif, Tranzlation, and Digitally Infected meant that he is constantly in demand and often has more remix requests than he can shake a stick at!

With a wealth of DJ and production experience under his belt and a promising future, this is one guy who is hugely worth checking out!!



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