25 Aug-17

Toolbox Digital Chart Show 008 - July 2017 (Presented by Skol)

Welcome to the brand new Toolbox Digital Chart Show Podcast. The show is a rundown of the top 20 selling tracks from July 2017 on Toolbox Digital.

The podcast is presented by Digital Mafia, Skol and Mike Taylor on rotation and as well as the awesome Hard House, Hard Dance & Hard Trance music we have information about all the forthcoming events in the UK and competitions to win lots of awesome prizes!

All of the music in the podcast is available to buy from the link below:

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Tracklist (Chart Rundown):
20. Adam M & Tenchy - Kleptomaniacz (Hi Oktane)
19. Wayne Smart - A Little Higher (Encoded NRG)
18. Smart & Mumbles - Set To Rights (Encoded NRG)
17. Boris The Noss - Say What (Tuff Trax)
16. Leighton Smith - Terrified (Vicious Circle)
15. Alan Sharkey - The Muto (Tempo Trax)
14. Trauma - Wanna Ride (Seanie Jackson Remix) (Vicious Circle)
13. Chucky - Night Train (Tempo Trax)
12. Lusty & Hilz'E - Revenge Of The White Gloved Raver (Fireball Recordings)
11. Leighton Smith - You've Had It All (Jeli Jams)
10. Jeff Payne - Turbulent Effect (Rick James Remix) (Vicious Circle)
09. Adam Butler - Face Melter (Premonition Digital)
08. Adam M & Tenchy - Barry The Bummer (Hi Oktane)
07. Third Degree Gurns - Gurns Victim (Vicious Circle)
06. Wayne G - Missed Ya (Helix Recordings)
05. Nikkdbubble - Boogey Man (Fireball Recordings)
04. Tom Parr - My House (Sin Records)
03. Hard House Masters & Ben Stevens - Cum Face (Hi Oktane)
02. Alf Graham & Dan Diamond - Bring The Beat Back (Solid State Digital)
01. Gary O'Connor - I'm In Love With You (Toolbox Recordings)

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