22 Jul-17

Toolbox Digital Chart Show 007 - June 2017 (Presented by Digital Mafia)

Welcome to the brand new Toolbox Digital Chart Show Podcast. The show is a rundown of the top 20 selling tracks from June 2017 on Toolbox Digital.

The podcast is presented by Digital Mafia, Skol and Mike Taylor on rotation and as well as the awesome Hard House, Hard Dance & Hard Trance music we have information about all the forthcoming events in the UK and competitions to win lots of awesome prizes!

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Tracklist (Chart Rundown):
20. D-Fi & Marc Lewis - Just Go (Fireball Recordings)
19. Danny Harris & Dave Owens - Women Do Drugs (Elevate Digital)
18. Random But Raw - Plain Zero (Dramatik Remix)(Fruition Records)
17. Groove Control & PoomStyles - Such A Feeling (Gary O'Connor Remix) (Cheeky Tracks)
16. Emma Nate & White Trash Monkeys - I Get A Rush (Premonition Digital)
15. Danny Gilligan & Darren EM - Warrior (Inside Out Digital)
14. The Snail - Without You (Digital Snail)
13. Andy Farley & Jeff Payne - Disco Frisk (Vicious Circle)
12. Harley HD vs Bubble & Squeak - What The Flakk (Premonition Digital)
11. Leighton Smith - Out Of The Blues (Helix Recordings)
10. Tom Basquil - Jambalaya (Tuff Groove Recordings)
09. Sean Inside Out & Tom Parr - The Night (Inside Out Digital)
08. Dawn Lee - Move Your Feet (Vicious Circle)
07. Sean Inside Out & Nick Edwards - Blow Me (Sin Records)
06. Chucky - Horizon (Bezerk)
05. Chucky - Night Train (Tempo Trax)
04. Marc Lewis & Matt Clarkson - Mercenary (Tempo Trax)
03. Trauma - Wanna Ride (Seanie Jackson Remix) (Vicious Circle)
02. Wayne G - Bust That (Toolbox Recordings)
01. Cortina - Higher (BK Mix) (From BKollection USB) (Nukleuz)

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