04 Feb-17

New Guyver Album - Kickstarter Project!

Guy Mearns is a 32 yr old music producer who's better known as GUYVER.

He has sold in excess of 250,000 singles & remixes over the last 15 years. Co-produced a top 20 hit that was featured on BBC's "A Question of Sport" and also DJ'ed to hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe.

However, the scene that GUYVER's music specialises in, isn't in the best shape these days, so that's why a kickstarter project is the only way to be able to make this new album happen!

It was 9 years ago that his last album was released, and it still strikes a chord in the heart of his army of followers.

NOW is the chance to revive THE GUYVER UNIT & reignite the scene with some much needed hard trance.

This album is EXCLUSIVE to kickstarter backers, and will not be resold elsewhere. Make sure you get a copy and be part of something special, the long awaited return of GUYVER.

Backer options (pledges) range from £3 - £80
The project ends on March 6th.

For more information:

Go to and search for "GUYVER - Alien on Earth + Extras"

Kickstart The Album!