Max Mozart is the son and heir to Tidy Boy Amadeus Mozart and has therefore been pre-programmed by mother nature to become a hard house producer and DJ. From leaving school Max then taught himself (with no help from his old man) music production and engineering, learning Apple's Logic software programme in a world record time of 2 week and 3 days. With his first love of Dubstep and Electro he teamed up with school friend and fellow producer Adam Jackson to form Subholik, and have released tracks and remixes on various labels including D'Amour Recordings.

Max has been listing to his dad DJing and producing over the years, plus he did attended the Tidy Weekenders at the tender age of 10, so it was only a matter of time before the Hard House sound spilled out in his productions. His first release 'Generation' is out on the new Ideal label in December, the demo was originally produced in Max' home studio before teaming up with hard house production legend BK to deliver a power collaboration of experience & fresh new talent. He has picked up DJing as quickly as production, and this year has started his Hard House adventure playing at Tidy Boys LTD gigs, Ideal events, Bounce Back in Birmingham and Stramash in Aberdeen Scotland, he is set to be one of the hottest new DJ/Producer talents of 2013. Watch out for the follow up to 'Generation' which is called 'Live Again' - which he produced with Technikal and is planned for a March release on IDEAL and already tipped by some DJs to be the biggest track of the year.

Max Has Recently Done A Track With Technikal Called Live Again And Is Set To Be The Biggest Track On Ideal For 2013, Heres A Short Clip To Give You A Taste Of What You Can Expect In The Future from Max Mozart !



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