Karl Davies has made an incredible impact on dancefloors across the country since he launched himself into the hard House scene with inspirational dedication and passion in 2017.

In the months before his lifelong passion for music was taken to the next level, he had discovered the energetic and driving side of hard House. He instantly fell for the genre and the more he discovered, the more he was inspired to get more hands on with the scene. So he decided to turn to the technical side by learning the craft of mixing and carving out his own sets like the ones he'd been getting lost in when listening too. As soon as he had got to grips with how to instruct a set of decks to manipulate the tracks he was collecting and in the way he wanted, he was like an unstoppable force.

He had discovered a deep passion the genre and it wasn't long before he was dedicating every free moment he had to the hard House family he had quickly become a valued member of. Most Friday and Saturday nights became a way of discovering more events, more DJ's and more music. He thrived of taking in everything around him and soaked up all the knowledge he could from all the amazing talent he was being exposed to. Names like Aaron James, Wayne G, Filthy Kitten, Dawn Lee, The Kat and Craig Lee but to name a few quickly became massive inspiration for him. Along with all the awesome dancefloor moments and after parties shared mixing for hours B2B with everyone to keep the party flowing as long as possible. He loved being able to create the atmosphere in a room with his music and get the dancefloor moving.

The rest of his free time was spent at home on the decks with a huge thirst to work his way through as much music as possible. Experimenting with different sounds, genres and styles of mixing, learning the art of vinyl as well as digital and really taking careful time to make sure he created his own unique personality whilst controlling the music. He embraced the technology and loved exploring, taking full advantage of all the features modern technology has to offer. As he dedicated so much time to learning and practice, he quickly became a DJ who clearly knew how to confidently rock a crowd. So it was no surprise that his name was soon starting to appear on line ups of many well respected Hard House events across the country. In the three years that have passed since he learned how to mix he has collected an incredible array of achievements, playing events such as Ravey Days, Korruption for which he became a resident for both. Twist, Hard Culture, Filth Face, Splat and Off Your Carrot.

His favourite achievements being playing Twist NYD and closing Off Your Carrot NYD on two consecutive years. The best venue for him has been getting to play the legendary Beaver Works for Filth Face's 6th birthday and his favourite sets to date were a mammoth 3 hour unplanned B2B with Bug at 414 Brixton and Hard Culture where you could see him get lost in his own music. In 2018 and 2019 he even got the exciting opportunity to take his talent overseas in not one but two different countries. Xtstatic in Ibiza in which he played the pre party at Soho and Unity In The Sun in Kavos where he played the Encoded Pool and Rock In parties along with Filth Face's party at The Barn. With Karl's natural thirst to at excel at everything he does, it was obvious that he was next to delve into the production element of the genre he loved so much. He took to this with the same immense drive as he did with his DJing and in a very short amount of time he had taken every opportunity to work with as many producers as possible and made sure he took note and learned the techniques himself. He had quickly built up an incredible discography of his own production, his debut track 'Kevin' a collaboration with Damien Blanes was released on Unbounded Trax and reach number 2 in the toolbox chart.

With 17 tracks made to date he has only released 5 and keeps the rest for his personal armoury. So far he has worked with producers such as Dave Owens, Ben Stevens, Matt Clarkson, Nogger, Sean Inside Out, Damien Blanes, Aaron James, Random But Raw, Filthy Kitten, Mark Hard, Wayne G & Matt Wade and having tracks released on Unbounded, Inside Out Digital and Filth Foundry. His rolling baselines, energy and that old school underground vibe he creates on the dancefloor, make him a force to be reckoned with. Due to his absolute dedication and drive that he has channelled over the last three years, he has definitely become one of those well-known names you see on a line-up and you take special note of his set time so you know to be there when he plays. His sets are always full of driving energy and the his attention to detail means he's does everything he can to create the best experience for the people on the dancefloor, this clearly shows by the consistently banging performances he plays out.

If you see Karl Davies on a line up, I would definitely recommend that you take note not to miss his set and I can guarantee you won't stop dancing as he guides you on a gritty, dark journey that will get you charged with energy at each effortless transition. Due to the clubs currently being close you can next catch Karl playing on upcoming live streamed events for Nokturnal, Filth Face, Re:Form and for Visceral Records in the USA. As for his future ventures he is now building up even more weapons in his Hard House arsenal by turning his hand to promoting and now co runs Nokturnal alongside Dale West and together they have a lot of exciting plans to bring to life for you in the coming months.

DJ Profile: https://www.facebook.com/DJKarlDavies/
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/karl-davies-southern-smut
Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/live/The-Union/
Nokturnal Events https://www.facebook.com/NokturnalEvents
The Union Events https://www.facebook.com/TheUnionHardHouse/
Filth Face Resident https://www.facebook.com/FilthFace/
Raw Power Resident https://www.facebook.com/rawpowerrecordings

Forthcoming Events...

Battle of the Beasts (Filth Face vs Nokturnal)

21/08/21 Venue: Poco Loco