Jon Hanley got involved in the hardhouse scene in the late 1990's, starting his career at Trinity, Chunnel Club under the name of I-Brow Jon. Trinity was the event he learned his trade, warming up for Dj's such as Tony Price, Steve Thomas, Matt Smallwood & Billy 'Daniel' Bunter. It was this sort of grounding that shaped him as a DJ. Trinity is a massive party and all the elite DJ's played here. Jon used his time at Trinity to learn from the best.

Jon spent the following years firmly establishing himself on the underground scene by playing at clubs such as Chunnel, Cloud 9, Crash, The Fridge, Air, Bagleys, Viaduct, Fire, The Mass, George 4th and 414. Playing for such promotions as Frantic, Timeless, Tasty, Trinity, Twisted, Smile, Cyberkitten, X-Static, Total Mayhem, Skwosh, Polysexual, Baklash, Fallout, Therepy, Hammered, Slippery when wet and Primetime.

I-Brow Jon was synonymous with Smile and during the promotions success, Jon quickly established himself one of the popular underground DJ's, playing at almost every event in the London area, every week.

Mid way through his career he changed his DJ name, Jon Hanley was born. Under his guise Jon Hanley, he re-created his image in a more professional manner and to gain further respect amongst the elite.

Jonathan prides himself on his professionalism towards djing. He never affiliates himself to one style of music and plays all kind of ranges. This way he is diverse and reacts to any situation on the dancefloor that the viewing public dictate. Jon will go to the extremes of getting a feel 'musically' for parties and then using this to his advantage.

2011 onwards Jon has turned producer, creating a verity of Hard Dance and Hard Trance tracks. Additionally he became Co-Founder of the Vinyl Impact promotion which at the start of 2013 has transformed into Digital Impact.



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