Jay Middleton (Weekend Offenders) has been involved in dance music for over 10 years and along the way. He has learn't how DJing has become an art form in its own right.
His style as a performer is described as diverse and in tune to the crowd (& Promoters) tastes and plays an experimental sound but keeps as close to his influences and his inspirations.

He first learn't to mix when he was only 15, just experimenting with a friends "1210" turntables, playing Drum & Bass and Old Skool. He also performed as part of a band when he was at college, but it never really
took off. He developed his interest in DJing within dance music when he was 19. After a holiday in Ibiza (ironically enough), He became inspired to "have a go" at Djing, and that interest developed further.

The best way to describe Jay Middleton's style. Is energetic and interactive, he moves his sound around in order to create a musical journey. No matter which ever the genre.

As times have changed His taste's and sounds have also. For a main bulk of his time playing out, he played Chunky Hard House and Hard Trance. Originally a Vinyl DJ, he has since moved over onto digital format, using the latest in DJ technology. he has developed his own style withing trance, and has become more of an energized hard trance dj/producer.

He took 5 years out through family commitments, and recently came back onto the DJing scene Playing Electro House and Progressive Tech House courtesy of the CORONA MOVIDA WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2008. Since then, he has been back to playing what he knows best, Hard Trance.

His direction has always been in music, He has since produced his first album, titled FUTURETECH, which integrates, the sounds and influences, in his own personal musical journey. This album fuses, Hard Trance, Techno and elements of Electro, to create an altogether unique sound.

He was Brought up on artistes such as: Dire Straits, Pink Floydd, The Doors, and anything that was potentially understood as Trancey Rock. So these influences have always been a Trance/Electro/Tech element.

As for the future, He intends to develop his sound further, His production has already developed into its own individual sound, but Jay intends on pushing those boundaries further. Its an exciting future in store for the Prince of Bosh



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