In the period of over 10 years. Jay Middleton's style as a performer is described as diverse and in tune to the crowd (& Promoters) tastes. He plays an experimental sound but remains close to his influences and his inspirations along his own personal musical journey.

Jay Middleton first learnt to mix when he was only 15, just experimenting with friends "1210" turntables, playing Drum & Bass and Old Skool. He also was involved in a Rock band when he was at college, but it never really took off.

He developed an interest in Trance and Hard Dance when he was 19. After a holiday in Ibiza. Ironically he became inspired to "have a go" at DJing, and that interest developed further.

Jay Middleton is an energetic and interactive performer, he moves the direction of his performances around in an order to create a musical journey. Regardless of the crowd he plays to. As times have changed his taste's and sounds have also. For the main bulk of his time playing out, he played Chunky Hard House and Hard Trance.

Originally a Vinyl DJ, he has since moved over onto Digital Format's, using the latest in DJ technology. After taking 5 years out through family commitments, Jay came back onto the DJing scene in 2007 Playing Electro House and Progressive Tech House whilst competing in the CORONA MOVIDA WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Since then he has been back to playing what he knows best, Tech Trance, Hard Trance & Hard House. His ambition has always been to be involved in music, whichever the capacity, wether it be as a DJ or a Label Manager (Ultratech Dance Music UK).

His production albums (titled: Futuretech, Nu Energy & Beware Of The VaderMonkey), demonstrate, his evolution as an artist as well as a producer. He intends to develop his sound further and his production has already developed into its own individual style. Jay intends on pushing those boundaries further. Music refuses to stand still.

Let's push that sound further.



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