Forthcoming Events...

A Vicious Weekend Away With Ben Stevens Part 2

26/10/18 Venue: West Rocks Hotel

Encoded Halloween 2018

27/10/18 Venue:

Zombie Fest 4 - Halloween Circus!

27/10/18 Venue: Mildenhall Stadium

A Weekend Away With K90

02/11/18 Venue: West Rocks Hotel

Vinyl Warriors - Guy Fawks Boat Party

03/11/18 Venue:


03/11/18 Venue: Elektrowerkz

Pure Andy Farley 2018

10/11/18 Venue: XOYO

MENACE @ the cave

10/11/18 Venue: The Cave @ The Holly Tree

A Weekend Away With Anne Savage

16/11/18 Venue: West Rocks Hotel

K-Zone Winter Special

17/11/18 Venue: Eiger Music Studios