When you are a child of the 90s, your musical tastes often journeyed one of two ways. Many took the path of pop, perms and Pete Waterman; for the rest it was warehouses, white gloves and whistles. If you listened to music from the rave scene growing up, then you had an awesome upbringing. James Hill belonged to the latter. With the likes of The Prodigy and Capella, to Happy Hardcore and Drum & Bass, he soon recognized that the sounds that he loved to have blasting in his ears through his headphones in the playground at school were from the underground. From the time spent listening to the cassettes in his Walkman, he was inspired to become a DJ. When he left school at 16 he saved up to buy his first set of turntables, and began to build a collection of Drum & Bass vinyl from his local record shops. Rave was his religion, and he was ready to preach. Almost instantly mixing felt natural, energizing and made him feel alive. Impelled by this, and as if by a higher power, HILLY was created.

As the years passed, he always had the same spark for the rave scene inside, but something rejuvenating and stimulating had caught his ears. Hilly attended his first Hard House event, and upon hearing the thumping,pounding beats played in a club for the first time, an instant connection was made. With fresh new sounds and a new drive to become something special, Hard House was now the new Messiah! His vinyl collection started evolving to represent his newfound passion, and he began to get some well-earned exposure, adapting from bedroom DJ and house party entertainer to nailing down sets at his local bars and clubs. From this moment,spanning over the past decade, he has played at some of Hard House's most prestigious venues, such as The Emporium, The Venue, Sanctuary, Custard Factory & as well as Scala, where he played at the Obsession Launch Party after being chosen in first place in a mix competition. Hilly has represented well established brands, namely Storm, Sundissential, Twist, Vicious Circle, Sunday Service, and also being a guest DJ, playing regular sets at Xstatic, Fixation and sets at his own nights that he promoted, Submission. This growing notoriety eventually accumulated in Hilly finishing in the top 6 in the best newcomer category at the Hard House Awards 2013.

Great things were happening for this thrilling prospect, but Hilly had a burning desire inside to take himself up a level, and was not satisfied with being just another DJ. Now was the right time to move into production. His first jaunt into the studio resulted in a collaboration with Digital Kid, with the resulting ''Pump The Bass Up'' being signed to the gigantic Toolbox Records 'Hard Hearts' label and getting a vinyl release. And this is where Hilly truly excelled. From then on, every further release nestled decisively into the top 10 of the Toolbox Digital Charts, with entries on labels like Tripoli Trax, Toolbox, Hi Oktane, Fireball, Stereodays & Twist Trax, as well as his highly championed remix of Paul Glazby's "Motherfucker" on Vicious Circle. With many of these tracks appearing on many compilations, including The Tidy Weekender Christmas Live Album, Vicious Circle - Rougher & Tougher, Tidy's Insomnia 3, Vicious Circle - The Hard Box Returns, Girls Like It Hard, This Is Smalltown, and Fireball's Fire-Drill album. Alongside these releases, Hilly also manages his own successful label, Supercharged, which also made the final 6 at the Hard House Awards, for best new label 2012.

Hilly continues to shine in the world of Hard House, and with previous successes there is only one direction that he is travelling. A forward thinking producer and passionate performer behind the decks, his sets range from chunky warm up to full on filth, and are always guaranteed to get the dancefloor rocking. Having already played alongside legends like Paul Glazby, Anne Savage, Lisa Pin-Up, 12 Inch Thumpers & the Tidy DJs it is now time to establish Hilly under the same status. A "Superstar" beat maker, creating the instant classics "Go Crazy" and "Party Rocker", he is up there with the greats in the world of productions. You will have most certainly been involved in some fist pumping, floor shuffling action to a Hilly track in your clubbing lifetime, and definitely with a smile on your face. Always "Ready to Rock" and armed with a "Killer Beat" this is one DJ/producer "Extravaganza" that will make you blow your "Baby Gravy".

With all that said, if you don't love Hilly, you'll be getting "Bitch Slapped!"



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