Groove Control started out because of two people who got to know each other (Phill C & Shredda) through a brand called "2BOUNCY" and thanks to that brand are friendship grew. So at a time when both of them was learning how to produce and they decided to make tracks together.

From then on they flourished with many tracks such as. "Searching For My Rizla" "Everybody On The Floor" "Gotta Have House" and "I'm Sorry" to name some. Which earned them a reputation which gained some great bookings. The biggest and most notable of their tracks was are remix of "Kings of Leon - Use Somebody". Although the track was made with the intent of being a joke, it become massive among bounce fans and even got played on "BBC Radio 1" when Mikey B of Wigan Pier mentioned it. This would also earn them a very big opportunity to play at the legendary Wigan Pier night spot not once but twice.

However, there is a special mention to a very tall guy who helped them along the way with huge support of there music and must have a mention because his support helped make "Groove Control" and that man is Sean Fleming. He helped get them recognised a lot more, even though he didn't have to help, he chose to help them out and asked for nothing in return. RIP Sean Fleming.

Further down the line though, when they had played at numerous gigs, clubs and brands. They decided to split and the last track that was made with both of them was "Foot Soldier". Which was never 100% complete but that was the last track made under the collaboration of Phill & Shredda

A year and a half or so later, Phill C decided to try and revive Groove Control and help the name to keep going. Along the way though he decided he would use the "Groove Control" alias to make original ideas and material. However still having a love for Bootlegs and Edits but not taking any credit for the tracks (E.G. Trying to pass them off as your own work). He decided to create a new alias called "DiG & DaG".

Then another alias would be created when a certain DJ called Ryan Philbin wanted to get his ideas across on to the music he loved and there for the alias "Pick & Load" was created. were both would collaborate on the music.



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