You think you like it hard? Meet Gem Stone - she's the hottest and hardest new girl on the UK dance scene, and is ready with an aural ear-bashing for any challengers. Her flawless mixing and signature style of acid filled, fat, synthy hard house won her the 2006 Clubbed Up & Sundissential DJ competition and since then she's stormed the decks at the Bulldog Bash (twice), Sundissential's 10th birthday, Frantic, Twist, Killertrax, Spin and many other nights across the UK, and has guested on Clubbed Up Radio.

In the last 5 years she's also turned her capable hands to producing tracks and has worked with the likes of Riggsy, Frank Farrell, Dave Owens, Dom Sweeten, Steve Hewitt, Pickup & Rise, Ann Tsoulli, Mini Minx, Discam as well as many others that she has engineered for to create some storming new sounds. She's mastered the art of the hard hitting beat and fat riff and is now busy getting noticed in the international music world.

Gem Stone also owns not one but two record labels; Raw Power Recordings & Helix Recordings. Raw Power has been hitting the top of the charts for the last few years and Helix is a brand new label, set up with Discam to bring people some fun, hard and trancier sounding Hard Dance.



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