We have tried to answer any questions that you may have below. But if there is anything that is not covered here, please contact us.

Do you send me my tickets by post?
No. We email you confirmation by email, this is your ticket.

What are your office hours?
We are available to contact by phone in the office from 9AM - 5PM: Monday - Friday. Outside these hours if you need to contact us please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I've not received my email, what do I do?
Our server will send you an email confirmation immediately after the transaction is complete. Some email services are slower than others, but if you've not received your email within an hour, you should check your junk mail folder or spam filter. You can also download your event tickets from your profile on the website. Login to the site and click the profile image on the right hand side of the main menu bar. Then navigate to 'Tickets', here you will be able to download any tickets you have purchased.

What is your phone number?
0161 282 3048 - If there is no answer please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you ASAP.
Alternatively you can email us at: hello@moreonthedoor.com

I have my e-mail ticket, what do I do now?
The promoter will be expecting you. Unless otherwise directed, you should join the queue for Q-jump ticket holders. For some events, More On The Door staff (who will be clearly visible) will be on hand and you should make yourself known to them.

How do I apply for a refund?
We don't offer refunds unless the event is cancelled. In such circumstances refunds will be applied automatically to the card that was used originally to pay for your tickets. We also refund the entire cost of the transaction. This might seem obvious but some of our competitors either tell you to go to the promoter or will refund you less their costs.

Why do you have a no refund policy?
We are a low-cost service provider. Refunds cost money in terms of transaction fees with our bank and administration time. We prefer to keep our costs down and pass on these savings. Working in such away also prevents individuals from buying up ticket stock to prevent genuine clubbers buying tickets, and then applying for a refund on the day of the event, for the purpose of leaving the promoter with an empty club.
Our no cancellation/refund policy is in line with The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, and in particular the provisions made within these regulations for the sale of event tickets.

Why do you restrict the number of tickets per transaction?
This is one way we can prevent ticket-touts buying up all the tickets and then re-selling them at inflated costs.

Will I need ID to get into the event I have bought a ticket for?
Many venues around the UK now operate a NO ID No Entry policy. This means that no matter what age you are you will be required to show ID to get into the venue. If you are not allowed into a venue because of this you will not be able to get a refund on your ticket. Because of this we recommend that everyone takes a form of recognised & accepted ID to every event you attend.

Accepted Forms of ID include: Passport, Driving Licence, Provisional Driving Licence, National Identity Card, Photo cards featuring the PASS hologram.

I didn't go to the event and now I want a refund. How do I get one?
Quite simply, you can't. The moreonthedoor.com agreement with promoters is that we have to pay even for "no-shows". The promoter knows in advance how many tickets have been sold through us for his or her event and makes allowances for this when letting in non-ticket holders.

The DJ line-up / advertised features of the event were different on the night, can I get a refund!
The events advertised on moreonthedoor.com are done so in good faith and the details we advertised are as advised by the promoter. Sometimes though, for any number of reasons, DJs may fail to turn up or promised features do not materialise. In the first instance, you should speak with the promoter or their representative at the event. If you are unable to do this, then let us know and we will pass on your complaint. But, please note that we are not accountable or responsible for the non-appearance or change in line-up of DJs and artists, availability of attractions / features, change in venues or any non-delivery of advertised elements, and unless instructed to do so by the promoter, we are not able to offer refunds in such circumstances.

Can I reserve tickets and pay for them on the door?
Not through More On The Door. Tickets have to be paid for in advance.

I have an event that I'd like More On The Door to sell tickets for, how do I do that?
If you are an event promoter and you would like to sell your tickets through us please go to the link below where you can register for an account, see the terms & conditions and upload your event details to get your tickets live & on sale:
Click here to register for a promoter account!

How secure is your website?
We take security extremely seriously, which is why we employ industry leading technology to handle transactions. For example, we use the worlds biggest payment gateway 'WorldPay' to process all the transactions on the site and thus negating the need to hold any credit-card details on our servers.

Do you sell e-mail data?
We do not sell our e-mail lists, and we do not make your details available to anyone except to the promoter of the event you have purchased tickets for, and even then we only provide enough information for the promoter to know beyond reasonable doubt that you are a bona fide ticket holder for his or her event. Promoters agree not to use your information for any other reason. If you have reason to suspect otherwise, let us know because, if proved to be true, the promoter will be in breech of their agreement with us and will be black-listed from advertising future events through us. We will, of course, fully co-operate with authorities where we are required to do so.

I've been refused admission to an event, what do I do?
You will only be refused admission or ejected from an event if the venue security, door staff or promoter has reason to suspect that you do not meet their entry conditions. This may include, but not limited to, drunk and disorderly behaviour, not conforming to a dress code, behaviour that is either threatening or not conducive to the licence agreements of the venue, illegal activity or racial or sexual intimidation. Right of admission remains with the venue staff and/or promoter. moreonthedoor.com will not, under any circumstances, enter into or be involved in such disputes and tickets sold though us are done so on this basis.

Who is my contract with?
Your contract for the supply of service purchased via us is with the promoter or organiser of the event.

I have a suggestion!
Great, contact us and let us know. This is a clubber orientated site and we will do our best to incorporate any (sensible!) suggestions

I know of an event that would benefit from moreonthedoor.com, what should I do?
In the first instance, let us know as much information as you can. The name and contact details of the promoter would be ideal, but even if you can just supply details of the event we can normally make contact with the appropriate person.

Can I link to the moreonthedoor.com website?
Yes, absolutely. If you are a promoter and we are providing you with a service for a specific event, you will be given a unique link to take visitors direct to your event details page on our site.