If you love your hard dance, you may well have heard the name Elivate before - but if not, then you can guarantee you'll have heard his music on the dancefloor at some time in the last 2 years.

The man behind the name is Graham Cox, who first came to the club scene's attention as the production and engineering talent behind several big club anthems on the bounce scene in the Northwest. He went back to his hard dance roots in 2010 and started afresh, producing hard trance and hard house under the Elivate name, and 2 of his hard trance tracks were quickly picked up by the Electrik Shandy label.

However it was his next release that proved to be his breakthrough.

His third hard dance release was "Music For Tha Raverz", which was signed straight away by Cheeky Tracks in 2011. It not only became his breakthrough hit, but also the breakthrough hit for the label. "Music For Tha Raverz" marked a change in direction for the Elivate sound, and after gaining support from some of the biggest names in hard dance, it became the blueprint for his signature style - tough, driving, hoover-driven hard house and bounce mixed with elements of electro-edged hard dance and hard trance.

It is this crossover sound that has gained wide-ranging support from the hard dance scene. He has scored several top 5 hits on the Trackitdown Hard Dance charts including 10 #1s. His tracks have gained support from Andy Whitby, Tidy Boys, Technikal, Rodi Style, Lucy Fur, Costa Pantazis, Discam and many more, and was even rated by the current queen of hard house, Cally Gage, as one of her favourite producers in the scene. His remix of the Brainbashers classic "Do It Now" also received support from the Brainbashers themselves!

He is now an in-house artist and remixer working exclusively for the Cheeky Tracks label, and is constantly working hard in the studio as an engineer and remixer. He is also producing "nu rave" and old skool house under the name Retrospect, with production partner Matt "Brown E" Brown, and so far this project has achieved 2 #1 hits on the Trackitdown charts.



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