Many people may or may not have heard of this Birmingham DJ…
From the age of 17, Craig Lee has been up and down the country spinning the wheels of steel since 1997.
An original vinyl dj, learning from the age of 17, Craigs very first appearance in a club was a gig that some may class as 'thrown in at the deep end' by warming up for Hard House legend Ian M at 2Klub in Manchester.

Craig Lee has had the pleasure of playing all genres of the hard dance industries music from Bounce to NRG.
Warming to the 2000-2005 Tidy Two releases, Craig Lee was mainly concentrating on the Hard Trance side of things and started to build his fan base and career through a club called Shaft in Birmingham.
Craig was inspired by Hard House Legend Andy Farley after watching him constantly playing his harder edge music, this then set Craig's music for his future...
Once being labelled as a Hard House DJ, residencies came Craig's way which included Shine, Blue and the legendary Sundissential.
The Sundissential residency lasted only 6 months but saw Craig Lee play all main events including the classics event at Q-Club in Birmingham, a very packed dance floor holding more that 2000 people.
Other brands then approached Craig for regular bookings which include Storm, Frantic, Sundissential, Hard Dance Ibiza & Shine.
After deciding to build his own studio and writing his 1st hard house track, Resistance Is Futile, Craig was approached by Toolbox Head Nik Denton to join Ross Homson & Rich Resonate to mix the 11 years of Toolbox Choons album.
After a few releases, Craig teamed up with Gaz Gibson to release 'Invasion' which had big support from his all time idol Andy Farley, and was then mixed into Andy Farleys album 'Farley Time'

Promoters started to see Craig Lee break through the scene and landed himself a main room slot at one of the busiest hard house nights in the country….Storm Fright Night!
You can now catch Craig Lee playing under the new hard house DJ rosta 'absoluteARTISTS' performing more or less every weekend.

You can also keep up to date with Craig Lee's future releases and up and coming bookings by logging on to his fan page and his SoundCloud here.



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