Luca Folco aka Candyman01 discovered his passion for electronic music 15 years ago, when he started listening to Depeche Mode and ambient music. (With artists like Steve Roach, Future Sound of London, Orb and Orbital proving to be a huge influence). After starting to like Juno Reactor and Prodigy at the age of 19, he was then blown away by Hard Trance & Hardcore before further discovering Techno and Psychadelic Trance.

For many years he attended raves in Switzerland at places like Oxa (Zurich), Sensor (Zurich), Guayas (Bern), Love Zoo, Alcatraz and Street Parade, and in the UK at the Monastery, Hindsight, Country Club, Raindance, Slammin Vinyl, Frantic, Antiworld and Party Proactive, whilst being hugely inspired by the likes of of Mark EG, M-Zone, Cally & Juice, Nick The Kid and Chris Liberator (all of whom are still his favourites to date).

His DJ adventure started in 2006, when after clubbing for a long period he turned his hands to mixing, having learnt his skill from the mighty John Taylor (Punx Soundcheck). His next step is to delve into production again with tuition from John Taylor.

In 2008 he re-launched the legendary Devon party DHF (Dirty, Hard and Fast) at the Mass Club in Brixton, London, where he played out for the first time, together with Mark EG, Chris Liberator and 2009 Hard Dance Award's winner Nick The Kid, who is one of DHFs proud residents. At other DHF parties held at Hidden, he has DJ'd alongside Cally & Juice, Ed Real, Wragg & Log:One (also DHF residents), Nutty T (new DHF hardstyle/hard trance resident), Alex Kidd and The Organ Donors, without forgetting Frisky and Proteus. He has also played along side award winning DJs Brian M and McBunn and Swankie DJ and Kashii, as well as legendary Italian producer Andrea Montorsi, A-Lusion, Scot Project, Dj Thera, Mark EG, S.H.O.K.K. and Space Raven, Luca Antolini vs Andrea Montorsi, Kutski, Fausto, Iain Cross, Bootek, Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes Jon The Baptist and Chuck-E, Wragg and Log:One, Organ Donors, Louk, Busho, D4RK, Skullfucker, Tek-tonic, Dean Zone vs Sixth Sense, Jester & Kohl to name but a few!

Other nights to request the DJ skills of Candyman01 are Hard Attaxxx, Oneness & Peace, Frantic NYE and the Frantic 12 afterparty. RAW, Audio Surgery and he opened at RIOT VS GOODGREEF Xtra HARD at Proud2 formerly Matter club, which is the best venue in London. Played at Electrowerkz in Angel, Helsinki MAYHEM Club Venue and Club Union London (DHF, BIOSHOKK, TSUNAMI)

Today he is the promoter and resident DJ for DHF, working together with his friends who are part of the DHF Crew & DJs. The parties obviously carried on, bringing on the table an array of amazing artists with which he had an amazing opportunity to dj with: the mighty Scott Attrill, Sam Punk, Luca Antolini and FJ Project


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