Cally Gage has been gracing us with her presence for almost a decade now and she can only be titled as the ultimate sweetheart of Hard Dance. With her contagious smile, her deep devotion to her fans, a fearsome persona and an undeniable ability to launch herself into anything and everything music related with a wholehearted attitude, it's hard not to fall in love with her. To watch her perform brings all the best elements of the hard-dance scene together in one delicious package: dedication, skill, talent, flare, finesse and passion.

Some of her achievements include a huge collective of mixed albums, gigs and tours across the world and a mass volume of original tracks which have been released on some of the finest and most respected Hard Dance labels. Cally has clocked up some major collaborations with many superior names in the scene including Technikal, Andy Whitby, Sam Townend, Gammer, Klubfiller and Energy Syndicate. She never fails to smash out tracks with classic and thrilling vocals, mind-blowing basslines with her trademark fast and energetic tempo. She has proved above and beyond, time and again, that she is a force to be reckoned with!

Cally has come a long way from winning a dj competition at the Tidy Weekender back in 2004. Even after all this time, she's still as ambitious and involved in the scene as ever and the best is yet to come. With a recently launched label co-owned by herself and Andy Whitby entitled 'Hard' and a sensational new podcast introducing some fresh new female talent – 'Girls Like it Hard', there's plenty of projects for her to sink her teeth into. Along with a line of merchandise, albums and events in preparation for these exciting new beginnings, she'll also be focusing on signing new artists and of course spending some much needed time in the studio.

Cally is no longer the new girl on the block. She is, without doubt, a definitive icon in the Hard Dance scene of today.



Forthcoming Events...

Frantic 25th Birthday

30/07/22 Venue: Ministry Of Sound