Luca Folco aka Candyman01 discovered his passion for electronic music 15 years ago, when he started listening to Depeche Mod<span...

Captain Tinrib

Jon Bell, UK HardHouse, NRG & HardTrance producer and founder of the famed and now defunct Tinrib Recordings label.

Carl Nicholson

There are few that can say they were there when the acid house boom fully erupted in the early nineties, most artists have a very short career...

Caroline Banx

Caroline's passport boasts more country stamps than your average airline pilot, including Ibiza, India, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, China,...


An ex Metal drummer / songwriter with a passion for hard, raw & energetic music. Now writing some of the toughest Hard NRG and firing on all...


Cat is a Hard House DJ resident at Parlez-Vous? in Bradford.

Caz Wood

Caz Wood is one of the most talented dj stars in clubland today. As one of the new breeds sweeping clubland, Caz's fun style of mixing and high...


UK Hard House & Trance DJ

Charlie Goddard

C harlie has...

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