Born from the era that established the mixtape as an art form, Argy is a DJ and producer who has grown up inspired by the evolution of genres...

Ash Preston

Where do we start with this obsessed tech beat wizard aka ASH PRESTON! He has a unique style consisting of various techniques and a cutting...

Ashley Waters

Trance DJ based in London


Psy-Trance project from Israel founded by Avi Shmailov and Amir Afargan 1997. At that time they were producing music in Nitzhonot style. Once...

Audio Hedz

Since the birth of Audio Hedz in 2005 the AH name has been a strong force within the Hard Dance world even til now!! Andy Whitby's...

Audio Whore

I'm a middle aged female hardhouse Dj,i live in the northeast with my partner Darren AKA Psychoziz & 3 children i also m<span...


Hard Dance Producer & DJ from Manchester

Baby Doc

UK Hard House / Trance DJ. A pioneer of the Nu-NRG sound.

Banks & Mason

UK Hard House Duo from London

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