With an extremely obsessive nature and a musical upbringing from a young age it was obvious Andy would be performing and writing music in some way shape of form.

A young fresh faced Mr Grundy would never have guessed when first putting on a Hard House event for a module doing Music Technology at college that within a couple of years (and with a new dj name) he would find himself regularly playing up and down the country.

2005 saw the birth of Andy Rise and after a couple of gigs for Frantic's owner Wil Paterson playing at both Frantic & Peach Goes Hard Andy found himself a regular fixture in the busy London scene of the time.

Fast forward 10 years and Andy & there isn't a lot he hasn't achieved. From award nominations, playing for almost every major brand in the industry, residencies up and down the country, a successful weekly radio show to almost 40 tracks and counting released Mr Rise is a name that isn't going anywhere.

As comfortable warming up a party as he is closing preceedings, Andy's preferred sound of the fun (and slightly camp) end of harder house and nrg can have no mercy. With a very unique quick style of mixing, cutting and scratching his way through as many tracks as possible, there aren't many moments in a set where the tempo will drop.



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