• 20 Jan-17

    You can now stream all of the Vicious Circle Recordings releases directly on our brand new YouTube Channel. We have playlists for all the new releases, our albums, featured artists and much more!

    Click 'Subscribe' on out channel to keep up to date with all the new releases. If you click the bell icon you will receive notifications each time we upload new music!

  • 09 Jan-17

    Join us on Bank Holiday Sunday 28th May for this historic moment as we celebrate 20 years of Frantic, the world's biggest and longest running Hard House & Trance event. We will be bringing your favourite past & present Frantic artists fo... Read more

  • 06 Jan-17

    The Toolbox Recordings main man Nik Denton is headlining Twist Loves U at East Bloc in London in February as part of his 20 year tour!

    Twist Loves U
    Saturday 11th Feb | 14.00 - 22.00

    After the amazing NYD party we are really feeling the lo... Read more

  • 20 Dec-16

    Ahead of Rob Tissera's epic 8 hour "Open to Close" set on NYD at the Warehouse in Leeds, we present an exclusive interview with one of the UK's best loved DJ legends, giving an insight into his illustrious career spanning over 25 years whic... Read more